Human Resource Planning & Effectiveness

“…because knowing and aligning your people is critical to exceeding business goals!”

  • Workforce Planning

    Having the right people doing the right things is usually the quickest path to success. Whether you are starting from scratch, restructuring, or moving in a new direction, having a more complete idea of what’s needed at the job level is important. With effective workforce planning, you are able to better understand the job parameters that are needed that will drive many other HR decisions like compensation and job placement so you can move your team or your entire organization toward a new reality. Through a customized engagement, your team can learn how to:

    • Recognize and define the right job framework for your unique situation
    • Create comprehensive job descriptions through job analysis
    • Focus on the critical process level rather than the task level to drive success
    • Deploy an effective workforce strategy across your team or organization

    These skills combined can help your team to have a foundational strategy to drive human resource needs throughout every phase of your business cycle.

  • Performance Development

    The discipline of Performance Management, so widely practiced across public and private organizations asks you to look backward to rate your employees’ past activities. In essence, you are focused on the rearview mirror, rather than on the horizon looking forward to newer and better performance. With a performance development perspective, you turn performance appraisals into enlightening tools for future success, rather than jackhammers that tend to destroy motivation and performance. Through a customized engagement, your team can learn how to:

    • Shift from a management to a developmental perspective
    • Craft reviews tied to organizational strategy
    • Motivate and elicit future performance
    • Communicate performance goals to employees to drive the organization forward

    These skills combined can help your team to shift your organization’s perspective from one that is looking backwards to one that is looking forward and performing toward greatness.

  • Workforce Development

    Employee development shouldn’t be an afterthought; it should be something to which all organizations aspire. Many employees are conditioned to have a “resume-bite” perspective when considering developmental activity, thinking “How will this look on my resume?” From a developmental perspective, you need to take a broader look. Leaders must create the conditions where human ingenuity can flourish. Through workforce development, you solidify the employer-employee relationship by investing in your employees. Through a customized engagement, your team can learn how to:

    • Create a developmental culture based on employee and organizational needs
    • Craft individualized development plans keyed to business results
    • Track developmental activities fruitfully and effortlessly
    • Communicate a “best-place-to-work” status to clients and employees alike

    These skills combined can help your team to remain focused on growing knowledge within the enterprise so that increasing business growth can naturally occur.

  • Developmental Coaching

    Great teams have great coaches and those teams win again and again. Coaching is an often overlooked skill because empowerment becomes over-utilized. The skill of coaching, when developed and deployed, can move your enterprise to the next level. There are very clear skills needed to be a great coach. By utilizing developmental coaching, you enable your supervisors to maximize their teams’ potential by eliciting better and greater performance. Through a customized engagement and two, three or five-day workshops, your team can learn how to:

    • Create a coaching strategy for the breadth of their span of control
    • Develop personalized coaching plans keyed to employee needs and business results
    • Have the coaching conversation from a developmental perspective
    • Drive increased levels of engagement and loyalty moving your organization forward

    These skills combined can help your team to see and to coax the potential from your employees so they will get more joy out of their work and that joy will translate into great organizational results.

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