“Know Means Know!”

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In our organizations, we stand poised on a precarious cliff.  With the increasing retirement of Baby Boomers and multiple generations in the workplace, many organizations already see brain-drain and conflict increasing.  The whole shape of the world has changed from one of relative black-and-white to, at best, multi-colored wet cement.

We now live in a world where truth depends upon your perspective.  What I know is my truth; what you know is your truth; truth is no longer absolute, it is colored by experience and emotion and by a world that increasingly believes in inclusion.  No matter how wrong a behavior can be, it may go uncorrected.  When truth is blinded by perception, truth suffers and erodes.  Eventually, there is no truth and only perception.  For the good of organizations everywhere, we need to try to reverse this trend by focusing on knowledge first.

What you KNOW influences what you DO and that influences what you GET.  Recently, a friend had some cracks forming in his wall and he called a general contractor.  The contractor came in and patched the drywall for the going rate.  A few months later the cracks returned.  Another contractor tore up the drywall and made the fix again.  The cracks returned.  A third contractor was called.  Hearing the story and seeing the result, she said, “I can fix these cracks and you’ll see me again in a few months.  The cracks aren’t due to faulty workmanship.  They happen because the foundation of your house is shifting.  If you don’t shore up the foundation, the cracks will continue to reoccur.”

If our organizational foundation shifts from knowledge to perception, no matter how many times we repair the cracks, they will reappear until we address the issues at the core.  To succeed in the new world, we must refocus on foundational knowledge – truth that can lead to better perception and action.  My personal challenge to you is to take a course that can expand your horizons.  The benefit can be one that frees you to innovate, in ways you might never have known yourself capable of doing.

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