“EXPAND Your Horizons!”

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You’ve decided to learn something new.  Pause first, to consider learning more broadly.  Many of us are conditioned to have a narrow ‘resume-bite’ perspective when we consider developmental activity, thinking “How will this look on my resume?”

The Twentieth Century was an age of analysis.  We got good at breaking things down into boxes.  We put things into neat piles so we could quickly grab and assemble them when needed.  As the century ended, no matter how organized we’d become, the pace of organizational life still wouldn’t slow down.  The Twenty-First Century is an age not merely of analysis, but of synthesis, where we must reprogram ourselves to put things together, rather than to tear them apart.  The pace hasn’t slowed, but quickened.  New information sources spring up daily and social networking rules the day.

To grow in the new economy, we must learn to EXPAND our personal development horizons.  Change is an organizing force and learning is the grease that oils change.  Today, we seek training events that are quick-hitting, portable and often unconventional.  When we decide to learn, we open ourselves to grow.

The social learning age has brought with it rewards and a new set of challenges.  Due to the unrelenting speed of change, organizations are almost constantly evolving.  Today, it’s not about casting things in stone.  It’s about continuous improvement, reinvention and re-broadcasting our individual and collective capabilities within the workplace and to our customers.  We are empowered to chase a higher virtue – to be a part of something bigger than ourselves – and to do this, we must be open to learning, which is the new currency.

When we’re open to learning, we constantly expose ourselves to new knowledge and skills.  Due to the pace imposed by increased information, people must master their work in the absence of being controlled or managed.  They need to change their point of view about work to create new work rules.  They should seek daily challenges that can advance the greater good and become change-makers, fluent in learning – the language of adaptation.  To enable this, they need room to experiment, to practice, and to grow.  Any organization that stifles learning, either by design or by accident will not remain a viable organization for long.

With learning at the center, an organization is free to create.  People focused on development can take the collective organizational capacity beyond what was considered possible.  Learning can ease us through the maze of information overkill to greater levels of effectiveness and agility – it is the great equalizer.  Learning is the process of assimilating and adapting to change.  Change management is learning and learning is development.  Learn something new today and EXPAND your horizons!

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